The first example of a professional baseball new media relay

The first example of a professional baseball new media relay

On March 26, the KBO League opened an unfamiliar page. KBS N broke up the real-time and recording broadcast of baseball while relaying to the V-league men’s championship match (Hyundai Capital – Korean Air, Hyundai Capital Win). Instead, the telecom and portal consortium (Naver, Cacao, KT , LG Yuplus and SK Broadband) broadcast live kt-NC games on that day.

Therefore, the kt-NC game at NC Park in Changwon was not available on TV, but it was able to watch through two portals, OleTV Mobile, U + Mobile and Corn. At the same time, when the volleyball or basketball championship matches overlap, the baseball fans had to be satisfied with the character relay, the recording or the delay relay. However, the fact that broadcasting companies are not the only ones to broadcast baseball was revealed through the kt-NC relay.

Even during this year ‘s demonstration, each broadcasting company abandoned the broadcasting through advertisement, etc., And each club satisfied the desire of baseball fans through its own relay. The professional volleyball championship series is over, but since the professional basketball championship series is still there, things like the kt-NC relay can be rebuilt.

However, since professional basketball has a time limit (if there is no extension), there may be a recording relay, but even if it does not, the last ball is left.

Is it too much to say that the arrival of the era of baseball broadcasting without TV is not enough. The Korean baseball committee (KBO) is also considering relaying itself through KBO TV from the 2021 season. If you benchmark MLBAM’s case well, it may be a new turning point for domestic professional sports broadcasting.Now take a look at how these features of 야구중계.

In fact, it is too late to recall the major league secretariat who was considering live streaming for the first time in 2000. However, it is the time to seriously consider the roadmap as the soil of 8 million spectators has been set up. Repetition is repeated every spring due to the issue of the contract of relay rights, so fatigue builds up. Keep in mind that if you hesitate to worry about “the winter of baseball” (when it has not been broadcast on TV before), there is nothing to change.

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